Thursday, January 24, 2013

Grades, eBooks, and QR Codes, OH MY!

Several interesting articles crossed my screen today, and I am finally getting a chance to take a close look at them.

What do grades, measure, really?  Do they measure real learning and valid achievement, or are they now just becoming the ends that are to be reached by any means necessary?  Paul Cancellieri shares his thoughts in this article I recommend everyone read, if for no other reason than to start a dialog and force us to evaluate our assessments.

Scholastic, not surprisingly, frequently polls their consumers to see how much traction electronic books are gaining among young readers.  Their findings are that while eBooks are indeed gaining in popularity, books in print aren't going anywhere any time soon, at least not for pleasure reading.

Finally, here's an article with a quick list of ways to use QR codes in the classroom.  There are more possibilities than you'll find shared in the article, and I can also recommend and (which Harker teachers have already as part of their Google Apps accounts) for creating QR codes.  If you're interested in finding out more, give me a shout!

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