Monday, August 5, 2013

What's wrong with this picture? CS is THE field, yet we don't prepare students for it.

Yes, I DO remember that this blog is here.  Life got busy and, well, excuses, excuses....

My colleague Lisa Diffenderfer brought this to my attention from, which is a great site for helping get the word out about the field of computer science.

I LOVE this infographic they shared on the site:

First, we don't have enough students taking computer science to fill the more than a million anticipated jobs in CS over the next seven years or so.

A college degree in CS brings in the highest pay of any field out there.

We have fewer students graduating with degrees in CS than ten years ago!

Most of our schools don't even offer CS courses. (Harker's got an amazing CS department, with LOTS of great courses.)

Too many states don't require CS courses for graduation, so that might be the place to start.  Harker requires a half year of CS for graduation at the upper school level.