Friday, January 11, 2013

Almost as good as being there....okay, nowhere near that good, but still cool!

I frequently skim my Google+ stream for articles, posts, and videos related to EdTech.  Since most of the people I'm connected to there are in this field, I get a lot of great resources.  Also some laughs and cat videos, of course.

Yesterday, I clicked a link to a video that had me captivated for its full 25-minute duration.  Granted, that one with the amazing halftime show by a college marching band performing a tribute to video games had a similar effect, but this time was different.  I guess you could say I was over the moon.

You see, my family and I go out and spot the ISS whenever it flies over at night, weather conditions permitting.  I get a notification on Twitter that tells me where in the sky to look, as well as how long the flyover will be visible.  We've often told our son to wave, since there are people up there.  We gaze at the tiny, bold light, zipping across the sky and wonder what it's like in there.

Well, wonder no more, people!  Back in November, the outgoing ISS commander Sunita Williams decided to host a video tour of the station, with camera work by the incoming commander, just before her Soyuz trip back to earth with two colleagues from Japan and Russia.  The tour is fun, informative (I had no idea how they did their business . . . if you receive my meaning . . . up there!), and great for kids. (Just don't click on some of the recommended videos or let the kiddos read the comments.)

I am looking forward to sharing this video with my son this weekend.  I may never get to visit the International Space Station myself (and now that I've seen how they pee, I kinda don't want to), but I feel almost like I've been there already now.  (They don't show anyone ACTUALLY peeing, by the way.)

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