Thursday, March 7, 2013

Goobric isn't just a cute name for a Google Rubric. It's kind of a miracle.

So I've been playing around (in a serious, totally work-related and productive way) with a Google Script called Doctopus.  This fellow Andrew Stillman is approaching deity-level status in his amazing output of helpful Google Apps Scripts AND his willingness to help a n00bie teacher like myself when she's having trouble.  His latest offering is an add-on to Doctopus called Goobric, which enables the teacher to create a rubric and attach it to the documents (or spreadsheets, drawings, or presentations) distributed via Doctopus.

Yes, I know, to the novice user, I am speaking Pig Latin.  But seriously, folks, this is EPIC.  Jay Atwood, another fine fellow in the field of EdTech, has made an overview video that makes these tools so much easier to understand:

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