Tuesday, November 27, 2012

You'll FLIP for authentic learning!

Maybe you've heard the talk about flipped learning, flipped classrooms, flipped education.

Maybe not.

There are a lot of definitions out there, and there's a lot of hype.  As most teachers are just hearing about this trend, people who've been involved in EdTech for a while are seeing a move away from the term "flipped" as the vocabulary no longer matches the wide variety of situations one might consider "flipped."

The basic idea is changing the way time within class with the teacher is used.  It denotes a move away from lecture-based classes and worksheet-based homework.  Beyond that, the meaning varies as much as teachers vary.

Here is an overview of 16 Flipped Classrooms from Around the World on edudemic.

You can see a variety of self-paced and non-traditional formats for learning, including a number of successful AP courses.

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