Thursday, September 13, 2012

Raising a Math Genius?

I have struggled with math for a long time.  If I want to set a good example for my son and the students around me (who could ALL school me big time in the quantitative arts), though, maybe I should stop telling the story about how they wouldn't let me take calculus in college until I first passed a non-credit pre-calc class.*

*Long story short, I was an English major and took the easiest two for-credit math courses available and never got anywhere near pre-calc or calculus.

So I admit to lacking confidence in math.  But I am now armed with some healthy ways to avoid instilling math phobia in my son.

I enjoyed this article, because not only does it give me some sound advice as a parent, but it speaks to some other important messages we need to convey about embracing struggle (and even failure) and enjoying the process just as much as the end result.  (The right answer isn't the most important thing.)

Raising a Math Genius

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